About Us

Our activities can be described as recycled- and hemp- handmade paper art, hobby art, design, bookbinding, packing, interior design.

Besides these traditional fields our main concept is the rethinking of „Arts and Crafts” in the 21st century in an environmentally friendly way.

Our paper consists of two parts, namely the showing of arts followed by the crafts, and the way these are linked together.

For many years by now we were making our papers by using selected waste paper. Remarks were often made about the limits of raising quality, which were not entirely baseless. So our task was to get a refinement, a higher quality without leaving the path of making environment friendly products. The trees are saved! We found the solution! The efforts of the last half year brought palpable results. The solution came from the usage of hemp fibers. Because of this from the beginning of the second half of the year 2018 we will produce two base papers. One of them is the variant made before with a modification of containing 10-15 % hemp fiber enhancement which increases durability, solidity and reliability. Besides this, we have started to produce hemp based papers which contains 50 % hemp alongside with other minor modifications which together will satisfy the highest standards.