Workshop At LIU

Hungarian paper made in LIU by Fatima Abou Nassif

Anyone who was on the 5th floor of Block A on March 1st would've been curious about the noise coming from room 502. The open door revealed the source of this loud sound resonating in the hallway: a blender. Little did the passerby know that this familiar tool was the key player in that day's Paper Making workshop by master Hungarian paper maker Mr. Jozsef Nasztor.

A blender, shreds of paper, a tub full of opaque water, wooden boards, wooden-framed strainers, and pieces of felt lined up the table behind which stood three people who welcomed LIU Design students into the already-packed room. As students settled down, the dual-language presentation began. As Mr. Nasztor spoke Hungarian, an immediate translation was provided. His brief autobiography disclosed of his 20-year-king history in the paper-making industry. This Hungarian entrepreneur, as the translator said, "makes paper out of wasted paper".

Students in the packed room learned the history of the 2,000-year-old paper-making industry in a matter of 40 minutes. This relatively short lecture included details about the trade of paper and the evolution of the actual process upon which the industry relies on. The paper Mr. Nasztor presently makes has made its debut on the big screen in Nicholas Cage's movie.

After the enriching lecture, the paper-making expert allowed students to make their own paper, following his previously-demonstrated steps. They blended paper, scooped the mass into strainers in the adequate motion, drained the water from their scooped paper, and compressed the mass into their final products. They weren't alone though; Mr. Nasztor stood by their side commenting on their moves and advising them as they worked their way through the line-up of steps across the table