About us

Our activities can be described as recycled- and hemp- handmade paper art, hobby art, design, bookbinding, packing, interior design.

Besides these traditional fields our main concept is the rethinking of „Arts and Crafts” in the 21st century in an environmentally friendly way.

Our paper consists of two parts, namely the showing of arts followed by the crafts, and the way these are linked together.

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Visiting the Mill

Field trips and tourists in the Papermill


The Mill

Showcasing the Papermill in Pusztaszer



History of Crafting exhibition in the Mill


For Designers


Handmade paper in Hollywood

Handmade paper in the movie Season of the Witch, staring Nicolas Cage

Environment friendly wrapping

Handmade papaer boxes for Hella Care Beauty & Nature

Workshop at LIU

József Násztor's workshop in front of LIU Design students